June is #AdoptACatMonth – so I decided to tell you all my story.

Hi! This is me, Arnie! I’m know to be a loving and confident kitty – a “Mojito Cat” as Jackson Galaxy would say. Now, as you all know, I have a good and pawsome home, but my life didn’t start all this well.

So, it’s believed that the person that I first owned passed away *looks up in the sky* – whoever found me living in a building took me to the ACC NY – Animal Care (?) and Control. I was named Three/Nate. No one wanted me so I was almost PTS – can you believe that?

A kind woman, names Ms. Gregg, runs an amazing rescue group in NYC called All Sentient Beings, saw my little face and though “he must be saved”

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 5.43.15 PM.png
This is my ACC picture

I think I was pretty cute myself, as most of cats that are dumped in a kill shelter, undeserved to die. I’m glad Ms. Gregg saved me. And I got to live with her. She knew I was special and almost kept me to herself! Lady staff volunteers for the rescue group and told Ms. Gregg that she was looking for a new kitty. Ms Gregg was like “Come visit me, Scorpio might be the one” – yes, I was renamed! Scorpio – sounds like a bad-boy name!

Then both Staff went to meet me. It was love at first sight – if you don’t believe my words, just see it:

Me and Lady Staff – love at first sight

A couple of days later, I went home! Being the outgoing cat I am – I felt I belonged there. Tiger was not too pleased to have me there – but with time he started to like and and even play sometimes!

As this is no fairy-tale, I had some issues due my unknown background. I used to eat so fast I often felt sick. I’d eat my food and then Tiger’s food. I’d also steal staff food – it was as if my meal was supposed to be my last meal. Staff knew that this could be worked and time would be needed for me to understand I would always have a next meal.

Staff got a SureFlap (note: this is not an sponsored post) for Tiger so I was not able to steal his food. They would also feed me when they’re eating so I wouldn’t eat their food.

I started feeling better knowing I’d have food – they couldn’t leave food on the counter still. Until I had my accident – this will be another post – after that I realized I was loved and cared.

We now moved cross-country, I went on the airplane!! And we’re so happy in our new home!

Watching birds on our backyard!

This is the end of the post but just the beginning of my happy life. Because my staff believed me to be the kind, loving and purring machine, they knew we would be able to work on my issues together and be a happy family. Give a chance to a cat, be open minded about different cats and know, when it’s mean to be, you’ll find your right pet.