Hello Friends!!

We know it’s been a while… staff is studying for a certification that she does not think she’ll pass on the first run – but she’s doing her due diligence by studying a lot! So… apologies in advance as this will be a LONG POST!!

I’m here to tell a tale – our new tale of expanding our family!!

For those who do not know – we adopted JR a little bit one month ago! Mom always wanted a girl cat to be mama’s girl – as Tiger and I are daddy’s boys – and this was not her time!!

This is the tale of our new brofur, so tells us the staff:

Lady and dude staff went to their weekly visit to Just Cats – thank you Nicole so they bring us gifts very often – and they met their new “store cat” (a little background here – since Just Cats opened, they have been hosting adoptable cuties, also, part of the sales profit goes to a new organization every month), and this was JR. JR is an elderly kitty whose previous guardian lost his battle to cancer – after 15 years of a loving life, he found himself homeless 🙁

Dude staff walks in and… boom! JR looks at him as if they know each other – he cannot take his eyes out of dad! (dad’s boy)!!!! It’s like he was saying – thank you for finding me. Then meowmy sat on the floor… and JR went for the cuddle… does this sounds familiar?? THAT’S WHAT I DID WHEN I MET THEM!!! It’s like it was meant to be:

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Happy cat 😺 #adoptables

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So… the staff was hooked! They came back home and talked about the pros and cons. With JR being old, it’s a bit challenging due health issues – when they met him he was skin and bones 🙁 but the pros – JR is loving and he deserves the best home and the best pawrents/staff in the world for his few remaining years. So the deal was done. The following day, staff went to pick him up.

When I was added to the family, we were living in a studio. Now, we have an extra room! So that’s where JR base camp is – the office!!

At first, he was scared and would hiss at his shadow. After a while, he grew to be super confident in the office, but not interest at all to go outside. His life is pretty good – meowmy works and studies from the office every day, meowmy and dad takes a turn on sleeping in the office to give him company – so he cannot complain! Tiger and I, on other hands, really miss tanning in the office, so we always wanted to get back in.

Staff, innocently and ignorantly enough, allowed us to get in the office. They also encourage JR to go outside – he’d be out for a few minutes and ran back in the office.

Things were going well, there was always a little hissing but nothing out of control – we’d sniff each other even!

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Love in in the air!!!!

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Us three sleeping in the same room!

But, the thing is, we’d barge in JR base camp and then the door would close and we’d be separate – I think in his mind, we’re invading his space. One day, he got so upset that I was sleeping in the bed that he went after me – I ran under meowmy’s legs and she got the fury! She got some vampurr bite on her legs and some scratches – was not pretty! (She did say that she was glad was her leg and not me 😺)


With that, staff realized that their loose approach to getting us together was not working for JR – nor Tiger as he tends to hide all the time. They sat down, got a nice glass of wine, Jackson Galaxy book (Thank you, Gretchen, and Basil, for sending it to us!) and made an action plan:

Goal: get all the cats to tolerate each other

Pain points: Tiger afraid of JR, JR aggression when cats are on his territory

Positive Ponts: all of them did interact nicely together for short period of times, they can eat near and I’m relentless


The first step of the plan: Change the office door for a screened door and cover the bottom, start feeding time on each side of the door, slowly remove the visual barrier.

Disclaimer – we live in a rental and the office has a very stupid door – so staff needed to look for a cheap, rental friendly solution. After much research, staff came upon this blog The Lovely Side which took us to PetHelp – instead of buying an $80+ dollars door, remove the stupid door and replace with the screened door, we made a “door” with shelving liner! Staff went to Home Depot and it was less than $30! All we used was 3 6ft tall shelving liner, a couple of zip ties and two hooks.

We think it was so GENIOUS this workaround and we wish more people were sharing this – it’s cheap, easy and works as it should.

As you can tell, staff already started moving the towel up – we can eat looking at each other which is a big step!

Step two is room swaps: we’ll do that every now and then – we know we need to be more diligent on that! Tiger is always so happy to go to the office and go to his patrol spot at the window. I want to be friends so I want to be where JR is. JR will walk around the house for 10 minutes and demand to be back in the office. We’re moving with baby steps.

I think that step number 3 would be supervised play time NOT in the office. And once we get this once figure out, we’ll all be best friends tolerating each other! I can’t wait for this to happen!

We’ll keep you update on the improvements we make! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for daily updates.

This is #arniemeows of the day.

Thank you so much for supporting us and reading all the way to the end!

If you have any tips or experience introducing an old cat to two young ones, please let us know in the comments section below.

Love always,

Arnie Bug