Small Business

  • DIY Bookkeeping Checklist

    How to organize and systemize your business finances. A lot of business owners and side-hustlers are DIY their books – and IMHO it’s all good, as long as you’re not letting this slip through the cracks. You went ahead and started your accounting system subscription. Got your Freshbooks or Wave for free or, went all […]

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  • Prioritization: the key to being productive

    I’m often asked “How do you stay productive” and “How do you prioritize”. I understand the urgency, and fear, of those questions. After all, I deal with my client’s finances, payroll, tax filling – one is never more important than the other. Looking back on my “Productivity: Working smarter and not harder“, you can find […]

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  • Profit First: A Review

    For those who know me – I’m an avid reader. While fiction is my go-to, I try to sneak in a business book in between my readings. Profit First, by Mike Michalowicz, was my choice for the first non-fiction for the year. It’s a book about business, organization, and finances. For me, the idea of […]

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