• Just a Sunday

    Hi friends! Hope y’all having a good day. It’s just a Sunday, I know. But it’s a day. Another day we get to experience great things! Tiger and I played, were fed and we now we rest – the life of a cat!     We also get to watch the world go by – […]

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  • We, good people

    We’ve been watching lots of news. Lots of people disagreeing. Lots of people that didn’t learn from history. Far too many people making excuses for other actions. Too many. There’s a thing called character and values. Ethics. You cannot excuse someone for not having them. Everyone is accountable for their actions, regardless of who they […]

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  • #BeMoreCat

    Hi, friends! It’s me again, Tiger! I bet you missed me! I’ve been busy being, well, awesome. A life of a house cat is a life many envies. And I can understand why. Our life is pretty much perfect: We do things at our own time We love routine We take time to care for […]

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