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Hi all!

With the big announcement of our shop, we see that custom art work is the biggest hit – probably because no cat looks the same, or dog or even humans for all we know!

On our Etsy shop we’re offering custom art work on tangible objects – such as mugs and wall art – we’re currently working on a special t-shirt as well! We’ll get to our printing partners in another post!

We thought – why not offer our beloved friends an option to have the custom art work digitalized! Where you can use to print on whatever you want, at any time? We think this is brilliant! Of course, all digital files are for personal use only.

For those interested in the digital file, the breakdown is below:

  • You’ll receive 2 files, one with transparent background and one with white or, if requested, any other color.
  • You can choose the size you wish the art to be:
    • 8×8 (perfect for social media)
    • 5×7
    • 8×10
  • Prices for headshot – in the same file:
    • 1 pet or 1 person: $50,00
    • additional pet or person: +$20,00
    • You can add the name of the pet/family free of charge

Here’s the workflow for custom orders:

  1. Place your order below or email us at for more information
  2. Once order is placed, we’ll contact you on the PayPal payment email to gather the pictures of the character(s) and any additional information we might need
  3. In 1-2 business days we’ll send you a draft of the artwork for your review
  4. We’ll make any adjustments until you’re satisfied with the end product
  5. Once we receive the approval, we’ll email you the files

We’re so looking forward to working with you!

1 Character Custom Digital ArtWork

Custom Digital Artwork – you’ll receive a digital file for printing


2 Characters Custom Digital Artwork

2 Characters custom digital artwork


4+ Characters Digital ArtWork

4+ Characters Digital ArtWork


3 Characters Custom ArtWork

3 Characters Custom ArtWork


For any additional customization, such as adding a phrase, background details, etc. –  we can make a separated quote.

We’ll provide re-sizing in a case-by-case basis

Note: for orders with multiple people/pets in separate files, we’ll charge the price of 1 pet or person per file.


See below some examples of custom portraits:

Custom portrait sample - Gi and Dan-01Custom Portraits cats and dogs


10% of our profit on sales will be donated to a charity every quarter.

Please help us spread the meows and thank you for supporting us!

Love always,



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