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Bookkeeping Services

Say hello to peace of mind, and time back by outsourcing your finances.

Ready to feel confident when talking about your business finances?

I also understand how hard it can be for creatives, entrepreneurs and small business owners when a big, unexpected bill hit your desk. A bookkeeper hourly rate can go as high as $200/hour!

With that in mind, we created packages that should fit most business needs.

If you need is outside our packages – we can always quote a package especially for you.

At My Cats and Me we believe every business is unique – like our beloved fur-babies. We’ll work with your needs, priorities, and your budget.

From working me, you can expect to:

✔️ Learn more about finance – enough to be dangerous at!

✔️ Peace of mind that your business is being taken care of

✔️ Know that we’re working to maximize your tax savings

✔️ Learn how to price your products for profit

✔️ Knowledge of when to scale, outsource and all the fun things

✔️ Time back to do what matters the most to you


The Alley Cat Package

for the Starting Business

Leather purse with notes and coins

Who it’s for:
Ideal for the starter. You’re either just starting your business, or you have it as a side hustle. You want to understand the backend of your business a little better but don’t know where to go. Google can only help so much.

What’s included:

  • Up to 50 transactions
  • Reconciliation of 2 accounts (i.e. Checking, Savings, Credit Card, PayPal)
  • Monthly Reports (Income Statement,Balance Sheet and Statement of CashFlows)
  • Monthly Bookkeeping Services
  • HubDoc Subscription (receipt management)
  • Quarterly Money-Date (40 minutes video call)
  • Tax Preparation (not tax filling)
  • Unlimited email and text support
Investment starts at $310.00/month

The Sphynx Cat Package

for the Chaser

Keyboard and notebook on a marble desktop

Who it’s for:
Your business is your bread and butter. You spend most of your time chasing payments, trying to remember to send invoices and you have no idea where your money went.

What’s included:

  • Up to 100 transactions,
  • Reconciliation of 3 accounts (i.e. Checking, Savings, Credit Card, PayPal)
  • Monthly Reports (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows)
  • Monthly Bookkeeping Services
  • HubDoc Subscription (receipt management)
  • Quarterly Money-Date (40 minutes video call)
  • Tax Preparation (not tax filling)
  • Unlimited email and text support

Investment starts at $425.00/month

The Persian Cat Package

for the Growing Business

Desktop calendar with notepads

Who it’s for:
Your business is growing. Your business is maturing. You need more time to create, to connect and to serve your clients better. It’s time to outsource what is not in your zone of genius so your business can be more profitable. 

What’s included:

  • Up to 200 transactions
  • Reconciliation of up to 3 accounts
  • Monthly Reports (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows)
  • Monthly Bookkeeping Services
  • HubDoc Subscription (receipt management)
  • Quarterly Money-Date (40 minutes video call)
  • Tax Preparation (not tax filling)
  • Unlimited email and text support
Investment starts at $590.00/month

The Maine-Coon Package

for Projects and Enterprises

White pencils and a notepad

Who it’s for:
You need something that cannot be put in a package. I’ll create a monthly package especially for you. Or I’ll work on that one-time project. I got your back.

What’s included:

  • Package made especially for your business needs
  • Better for Project Base
  • Can be used for accounting system set up and education
  • Ongoing services available for larger companies
  • Discount for long term contracts

Add-Ons and Set-Up Services

The extra cat-hair we all need

Discounted when added with a monthly package

Rose gold purse with a phone, stationery, and glasses

Who it’s for:
If you’re looking for a one-time project help, training or add-ons for our monthly packages

One Time Fees:

  • DIY Bookkeeping Training
  • Accounting System Set-Up
  • “Clean-Up” 
  • “Catch-Up” 
  • Budget Set-Up 
  • Compliance Analysis 
  • Benchmark Analysis 
  • Pricing Strategy 
  • Payroll Set-Up
  • Create policies (finance and human resources)
  • Specific Project 


  • QuickBooks Online Subscription – wholesale discount for new accounts
  • Payroll Management
  • Sales and Use Tax Management
  • Accounts Payable Assistance
  • Accounts Receivable Assistance
  • Budget Management
  • Policy Management
  • Human Resources Assistance
  • Inventory Management

How Does It Work?

1. Apply to Work with me

Fill out the contact form or send us an email.

Let us know your struggles, your budget, your pain points and what that beautiful crispy morning will look like. Be bold. Be honest. Be you.

2. Discovery Call

The “face-to-face” time. Once we receive your inquiry, we’ll review the info you sent and schedule a complimentary discovery call. 

This is the time for your questions, our questions and for us to strategize for your business.

3. Proposal + Start

On-going we’ll provide the services we’ve agreed upon.

At the end of each month, we’ll provide you with our financial statements during our “money date”. This will give you peace of mind of where your business is at and the knowledge to plan for the future.


  • What does “transaction” means? Any financial exchange – i.e. a purchase you make or a payment you receive.

If you have any additional questions, drop us a note.

Read more kind words from clients

  • “Giovana is exceptional to work with – she’s responsive, knowledgable and on top of tasks and deadlines. Gio’s takes on all work with a smile and collaborates with others when required. She’s always on top of her tasks, works great with the team, is a very good listener and is very attentive to details. I know I don’t need to worry about the books, communication with vendors and employees or any compliance item ahead of us. To have the confidence that our employees are getting paid on time and correctly, and that tax season will be a but smoothly due to her work through the year is an amazing feeling. We’ve worked with Giovana for over 4 years and are sure she will be successful with her new venture!”

    Dave Carter, Brightidea
  • “Giovana is a lifesaver! I started my own business without knowing the first thing about bookkeeping and quickly realized I was in dire need of some help. I contacted Giovana and she stepped in immediately. In no time, my finances were in order and my books never looked better. Whether it’s an email, sales tax issue or an invoicing problem, Giovana handles it with a sense of calm, expertise and grace that instantly puts you at ease. Not to mention her response time is quick and punctual. I and my business are forever grateful that we found Giovana”

    Dan, Two Inches Short
  • “Giovana was and did so much more than I expected! She has been absolutely fabulous! To start, I received a cute gift in the mail as a “thank you” for signing on. Our calls and her process is seamless, efficient and professional; she really knows what she is doing! I know that I am going to keep her on with my business for a long time. I would recommend her to any small business owner, coach or young entrepreneur because she knows so much and is so supportive during the whole process! I can’t wait for our future work together”

    Kait Visser, Business Coach
  • Before I hired My Cats And Me, I felt like I needed someone I could trust, someone I could ask questions about what I should be doing to manage my business finances. I thought I should be able to do this myself and save the money from hiring a bookkeeper. When I met Giovana, I felt I could trust her to do what is best for me and my business. The best outcome from this partnership is to know that Giovana has my back – my finances are all covered. I feel like I have someone on my team. Now I can decide 100% what do to with my time

    Danbee Shin, Danbee Dot Design
  • Financial organization and bookkeeping are not my strong suit but I know it’s critical for a successful business. Since hiring My Cats And Me Bookkeeping, I feel a sense of relief in being able to have someone to ask questions when it comes to financial trends and projections in my business. Giovana works quickly, responds quickly and made me feel like everything was going to be ok.

    Crystal Corbin, The Crystal Collection

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My Cats and Me Mission:

My Cats And Me, LLC is a Colorado Native Company. While my English is far from perfect (English is my second language), I know numbers like the back of my hands.
Our mission is to take charge of your finances – from bookkeeping to financial education – so you can focus on what matters the most in your business and life.