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Welcome to the Resources library

I wanted to share a few things that I use to help me being a bit more productive.

Some of those links are affiliated, we might get a kitten size kickback for those. But know, we’d never recommend what we do not use.

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QuickBooks Online is the accounting system I use myself. Once set up, it’s user friendly and can grow with your business.


Xero is a great option if you’re not a fan of Quickbooks. The interface is not the prettiest, but it works well if you’re looking for automation and simplicity.


Accounting Suite is a very robust accounting system. This is perfect for manufacturing and if you have more than one entity – you can consolidate the reports!

This is one of my favorites! Hubdoc is a great receipt and statements management tool. It sync with QuickBooks Online and Xero

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Business Stuff

For all contract templates and legal things

Email Marketing. Flodesk is intuitive and easy to use.

Great, and cute, VPN to keep you protected. All the time.

For those cute stock pictures (because you know… my desk is a mess)

Y’all know my cats would never stay this still. Great stock pictures option as well.

My favorite app to track my time. I know how much time I spend on client’s work, and all internal work.

Another great time tracking tool for the Pomodoro Method fans. I’m impressed

Now this one… I can’t live without. Safe to share passwords with clients and team members. And it will create very secure for ya.

THE hail grail of automation. This is the very own system I use for proposals, contracts, invoices and all the automated emails my clients get.

Email, Google Drive – where would we be without this?

Best way to share docs. Client documents or freebies.

Pinterest is an amazing tool. Tailwind will help you get in front of your audience.

This helps me be confident. Confident that my English is good enough (ESL here)

A video is better than 10,000 written words.

I am, finally, happy with my website. And I didn’t hire a web designer. The BEST templated for wordpress.


Eat healthy without going to the supermarket. Get $40.00 off your first box.


I do not like going shopping. But I need clothing. Get $25.00 off and get clothing delivered at your doorstep.

My favorite flats. Comfortable and can me machine washed. 

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Coming Soon

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