If you’re a little like me, there are days that you just can’t. And productivity seems to be out of the window.

I’ve been working from home for half a decade, and I learned, sometimes the hard way, what to do to be the most productive. And not let work linger throughout the day.

My first tip is: wash your face and put on some real clothing. To be fair, leggings and t-shirts will suffice, as long as they are not used to sleep. And coffee.

My second tip, and the title of this blog post, is BATCH YOUR DAYS. Some people call it “theme days”.

This consists in assigning an activity to each day of the week. For me:

Monday: Organization + Social Media+ Client backend work

Tuesday: Client Work/Emails

Wednesday: Administrative/Marketing + Client backend work

Thursdays: “Face-Time”/Meeting day

Friday: CEO Day + Client backend work

This helps me not to worry about “What do I need to do today”. I know exactly what I need to do. And work on similar activities throughout the day helps me keep focused and productive. (The good old Pomodoro Technique helps as well).

You see I have a lot of “Client backend work” – this is just because I’m a one-woman show at this point, and I will work on my clients’ accounts on the regular. This is not the same as checking emails and be on constant communication with them. This is to avoid breaking my flow. Tuesdays are the day’s people can expect to hear from me. Simple like that. [Unless it’s time-sensitive – eg applying for PPP loan].

What this really looks like?

Organization: Go over my calendar for the week – cross reference my iCal with my physical planner. Go over deliverables. Plan out what I’ll do and when (i.e. if I have client’s sales tax to file, I’ll do it all in one day.

Social Media: I try to plan my instagram and blog posting.

Client BackEnd: Client bookkeeping [This is what I hope to outsource soon – categorizing transactions, managing receipts, etc.] + Reporting and Analytics.

Administrative/Marketing: Administrative: I’ll work on my own books, work on graphics, templates, etc. Marketing: right now is my email list and some content focused on my services.

Client Work/Emails: I’ll focus on working on replying to emails from clients, I’ll create any communication – such as loom videos – for my clients. I’ll also work on special projects on this day.

Face-Time/Meetings: I only take calls by schedule, and my day to do so is Thursday [unless my client is not open on that day]. Meetings take so much energy from me, I find it beneficial to have it all in one day to be in the correct mindset.

CEO Day: This is the day I’ll look into my numbers, metrics, think and roadmap strategies and pay myself.

I try to always remember to be kind to myself: I need to remember that not every week it will look the same. If I’m working on closing the month and reports, this means that I’ll be mostly working on my client’s accounts. And it’s ah-okay.

Other tips that goes along with Batch Days:

  • Project Management: How do I track my to-dos
    • Internal: Asana
    • Client faced: Trello
  • Client communication:
    • Email: Dubsado is great to keep all email storage on my client’s portal. it’s so much easier to refer back.
    • Voxer: I’m just starting to implement Voxer communications. It adds values for when all we need to talk is a quick note
  • Physical Planner: I’m a believer in writing things down. And I’m a sticky note aficionado. I write all my projects in sticky notes and I move them from day to day until they’re completed. The tasks, I add to my to-do list in my planner.

Do you have any questions or tips for Batch Days? Leave them in the comments below.