Hello friends!

In my search for work-life balance and look for a hobby/passion, I started looking into digitalizing art, which leads me to digitalized pet portraits.

I have to say, this is one of the things I like the best doing as of right now. It’s such a fun way to honor our sweet fur-family and ramp up our decoration!

I’ve used the boys as my inspiration – obviously!

arnie box-01
Arnie in his box
Sweet JR
Arnie bowtie - printable
Party Arnie
Lazy Tiger

If you’re looking for some customized commissioned work, please reach out to us at giovanabier@outlook.comĀ ! We’d love to “cartoonize” your pet and provide you with the artwork that you can print, add in mugs, t-shirts, books…. the possibilities are endless (all for personal use, of course)

Love always,

Gigi and the boys