Hi friends!

I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Tiger and I’m a well travelled kitty. I’d like to share my story.

As you’ll be able to tell, I’m one of not many cats that only experienced what I call, the #goodlife.

I was born a couple of years ago, in the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil, on a nice October 13th.  I was fortunate that my cat-mom and cat-dad lived in a loving home where I grew knowing love, mischievousness of my cat-parents and very good humans. That’s how I meet my staff – lady and dude staff.

On January 2nd, I made my way to my home with the lady-staff – dude-staff was nowhere to be seen. I was greeted by an elderly doggy that had no idea what I was. It was interesting that I could not really wander around… but I did make my way through the house. I was well cared and loved. I used to call myself a therapy cat, was the lady staff mom had her physiotherapy practice at their homes and sometimes I liked to hang out with everyone.

Baby Tiger on my first ever cat tree

Throughout the months, I wondered around the house, had my little vest to go for walks outside and greet the feral cats they’d cared for (they did get them “fixed” – whatever that means…). I was really the king of the household – a lot of cuddles, sleeping with lady staff mom (by her feet, obviously) and I was a happy cat. Dude staff when to visit, was nice to have another male in the house but I was pawsitive he was happier to see me than the lady staff. Which, if you think about it… makes sense! I’m the cutest fluffiest thing you’ve ever seen.

Time went by and all the suddenly I got a new box! I was thrilled! It was a great square little box. Little did I know… they were training me to like my box so I’d be put in 10+ hours in it! I know… the dread! Anyways… the box sure was I safe heaven – the only place really I was left alone – I learned to love that box!

This is the box!

So… one day lady staff got a paper – something called a fiance visa – meaning she’d be together forever with dude staff and me! I was over the moon. In the coming months we got ready, went to the vet, got my paperwork together and did the airline reservation. Dude went to pick me up, and the lady.

Then my first journey started… I was placed in my box and we drove to the Sao Paulo International Airport. 2 hour drive + 3 hours in the airport + 10 hours in the airplane + 1 hour on immigration. I know! I didn’t meow at all. I was terrified – we cats when scared tend to be quiet as to hide from our predators.

That’s when I started living the #americandream for real! Living the high life in NYC. The only child, the first child! we moved from a shoe box to a boots box – a little more room to wiggle and giggle. Until Arnie came along… He’ll be telling his story soon – which started way different than mine. But it has a good new beginning since he joined out family.

I wan’t too amused with Arnie joining the family… I got over it

Cats… might I give you one piece of advise… find yourself a good staff – a staff that put our needs before their own. We certainly trained our staff well. They decided to move cross country so we could get a larger apartment where we can actually see the outside, dogs, squirrels and the, delicious, birds! This experience helped my relationship with Arnie, we bonded through the change and exploring our new place. I’m looking forward to keep living as the royalty I sure am #catsrules

We’re friends now ❤️