What the heck is that and why it is so important for your success.

If you’re a little like me – you get a little overwhelmed with buzzwords and all the information you can get by simply googling it.

Mindset has been everywhere recently – so many “foolproof” guides and courses. I always hesitant those as, I truly believe, that a new system will only work if you put in the work.

So… what is MINDSET? Mindset is “the established set of attitudes help by someone”. It is how you behave and act in your life.

Mindset is ingrained in our past – what we saw, what we experienced and what we were taught.

Believing that there’s not enough – will cause a mindset of scarcity. Believing that you can have just enough – you’ll always be chasing your tail and getting just enough.

The goal when working on our mindset is to believe, from your core, that there’s more than enough for everyone. That we live in abundance.

In changing my mindset, I know how it impacts me and my business:

I achieved my financial goal for my first year in business (surpass my corporate income), I reached my monthly income goal in less than 20 days into the month, I reached my quarter client goals AND my annual recurring client goals for 2020 in January. Yes, January – the busiest quarter of the year.

It was not a smooth process. I did a lot of internal work, dig deep on my beliefs and how I wanted to change. Which beliefs I wanted to really be the person I wanted to be.

Daily meditation and affirmation did the trick. I have my personal mantra that I repeat at all times. I decided to act like the person I wanted to be – one that lives in abundance, is generous with her time and money, and is confident.

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