Hi friends! Hope y’all having a good day.

It’s just a Sunday, I know. But it’s a day. Another day we get to experience great things!

Tiger and I played, were fed and we now we rest – the life of a cat!


Sunday contemplation from lady staff lap


We also get to watch the world go by – we saw our neighbors’ dogs go for a poop (not in my front yard poopy pants!), we saw butterflies and delicious bunnies! We watched the staff do the laundry and cook – laugh and fight. We saw the pursuing their passion – the lady practice brush calligraphy, the dude with his golf thing. It actually makes me happy – to see them happy. It makes me happy that they are pursuing their Dharma.

We, cats, know our Dharma, we know why we’re on this earth for. Humans… often have no clue! They get lost between their values and other peoples values, between the life they want to live and the life other people want to live. Peer pressure is real! As we said before, humans need to be more cats – believe in yourself!

We encourage our staff to listen to their inner self, to their gut, and believe they know what to do and what is best for them (they know our bowls need to be full, all… the… time…)

That’s my Sunday thoughts – go live your Dharma,