So… some people question the intelligence of a cat. My response to those inquiries is OBVIOUSLY WE’RE SMART! There are multiple blogs talking about how our little smart brain works (here, here and here are a few examples).

But, dear reader, I’m here to talk not from human perspective nor comparing our superior intelligence to canines. I’m here to explain to you just plain and simple that, yes, we’re one of the most intelligent creatures in the whole wide world!


Self with Lady Staff – it makes her happy


We’re smart, sensitive, sassy and have an incredible sense of humor. We also have our very own personalities – which makes us unique and, most of the time, untrainable. We are creatures that love being us. We have confidence and self-esteem. If you try to break a cat, there is something seriously wrong with you. For real.

For once – we can train our humans to feed us the time we want to be feed. We can sing the opera, place our butts on their head or scratch the bed – those are a few examples. This proves we might have superior intelligence than humans.

We also can sense when another creature might be a little… unsure… about their liking of us. For those, we will, obviously, sit on their laps and purrs – those occasions our staff will often hear “I don’t like cats but yours” – they think they’re special but they are really not! We just use our intelligence to manipulate people’s feelings and, hopefully, broaden their world.

We’re also very sensitive – if you need cuddles, we’ll give them to you. If you need time, we’ll give that to you. If you need silly – we’ll be silly!


Silly me… checking my toy box!


Here’s an example – yesterday dude staff stepped on my by accident – I was camouflage on a blanket on the floor – I, obviously, hid under the bed. He was devastated, worried sick that he had hurt me. Once I got over the “scare”, I went looking for him and gave him the cuddles, purrs and love he needed to know I was fine. He would never get over it if I wasn’t so smart and sensitive to his feelings and had the intelligence to make him feel better.


Come closer, you need some cuddles ❤️


Can you share with us a situation where your intelligence made your humans better?

XOXO – Arnie