Who are we?

The Staff

Our staff name is Giovana – she’s often called Gi, Gigi or Gio. She’s originally from Brazil and we all now live in the great state of Colorado. Our staff is passionate about calligraphy (mainly lettering), finance (she’s great making budget!), reading books and social equality



I’m Tiger, a cute, fluffy and amazing Persian kitty. I always had a very fortunate life, having all the best catered for me. I’m also known to be a DIVA! I don’t like being touched but I like being seen. I love hanging out with humans – at a reasonable distance. I’m a plastic addict, watermelon, and banana eater and just extremely handsome



It’s me! Arnie! I’m the cutest of the cutest cats. I’m a purring machine and a love bug. I absolutely adore being the center of attention, cuddle with the staff and play with springs and my mice toy. My past is a little unknown – all we know is that EVERYONE LOVES ME!! I’m a cat with a dream – that all kitties will find a loving home like I did and that Tiger will cuddle with me.

Ugg Arnie

We’ve met through Twitter an amazing group of people that became our dear friends. We wanted to share this love and community with as many people as we can. Also, we love learning people’s experiences and share our own


We believe in sharing experiences, we believe that as a collective we are greater than as an individual. Sharing the love is the best way to stop the hatred.

We love knowing extraordinary people that inspire us to change and be better.


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