I’m here to let you, humans, know that unexpected sounds scare us – felines and canines.

Independence Day is famous for its firework show – it might look beautiful in the sky but do not forget about us, your masters – or as you call us “pets”. There are so many sad histories about cats and dogs that ran away, got lost and scared in this festive day.

Because of that, I thought of sharing some safety tips so we’re all safe and sound:

  • Make sure your pet has a secure place to hide (under the bed, crate…),
  • Make sure your pet is somewhere safe, where they cannot run away, break a fence or jump out,
  • Walk your dog, or cat, during daylight and before the festivities begin,
  • Make sure your pets are wearing a collar with a name tag,
  • Close windows and curtains to mask the external noises,
  • There are a few anxiety tools that might help – such as a thundershirt,
  • DO NOT PUNISH your pet if they get scared – it will only make them even more scared.

Do not forget any smaller animals you have, such as rodents, and ensure they have extra bedding to hide if they need to.

Let’s make this holiday a happy season. And Happy Independence day!

sources: Peta and RSPCA.