General F.A.Q's

  • Do you only offer packages or can I hire you by the hour? We can offer our services by the hour; our hourly rate starts at $51.50/hour for basic services
  • What are your packages starting rates? Our rates packages start at $150.00/month. This is for basic services
  • Do all your packages includes phone calls? Yes, all our packages include one monthly phone call or video call. Additional calls can be included.
  • What are your office hours? We are available via e-mail and text Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm MST.
  • I’m not ready for a long term commitment, would you still take me as a client? Absolutely friend, our contracts are month-by-month. We only ask for the courtesy of a 30-day notice to stop the engagement.
  • I’m ready for the commitment and claim back my time to do my work. Do you offer discounts for long term contracts? Yes, we do! If you wish to close a 12-months contract, we can work out a nice discount for you!
  • Do I need to have a cloud accounting system? We always recommend an accounting system – it’s just easier for you. But if you’re a spreadsheet geek, we can work with those as well.
  • I just want to learn certain things, can I hire you for a particular project? Yes! We’re all for DIY. If you want to gain confidence and knowledge we are here for you. We can work a plan, timeline and additional resources for you.
  • Can I have the cats working for me? They say yes. JR is excellent in cuddling, Tiger in making bread and Arnie is just being entertaining.
  • Do you have any certifications I should know? Now that you ask: I’m a Certified Bookkeeper, a Certified QuickBooks online advisor, and a certified Finance Coach. I have a B.A. in hotel management and hospitality.
For any questions not covered here, please contact us.

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