Oh my, oh my!

I can see the wheels spinning in your brain and you saying “Girl… Why do I need a Chief of Staff? Isn’t this for like… the PRESIDENT?”

Well… yes, the president has a Chief Of Staff – so many business owners can benefit from a Chief of Staff (CoS) as well.

First, what is a Chief of Staff?

The CoS is a trusted advisor, someone working directly with the Executive Team of a company. The CoS make sure that any “small hairballs” can be handled without really taking the time of the business owner. The Cos can also advise on any issues and provide business insight.

The CoS is the person in between the staff and customers to the CEO – this allows the CEO to focus on the work that really matters.

At My Cats and Me, we use my 10+ years of experience in businesses and a tad of feline knowledge.

For any CoS package, My Cats and Me include any and all bookkeeping, people and operations services that you might need.

The process for working with us is:

  1. Submission of inquiry and schedule phone call: This will allow us to diagnose the state of your business and your needs and work with you on a strategy to ensure your success.
  2. On-Going Services: We’ll have our schedules all clear. Weekly calls, open communication, and the items we need to work as a priority. As the to-do list will change with your business needs, we’ll be here to adapt to what you’ll need advice and the extra set of hands to make your buzz successful.
  3. End of Each Period: at the end of each period, we’ll share with you the successes and what we believe we can all work better.

We can’t wait to be the extra set of hands you need to free up time for your genius work.

Lots of love,

Gigi and My Cats and Me crew