• Can you be your own Bookkeeper?

    Should you be your own bookkeeper? Learn what it takes to be in charge of your own finances. You have your own business. You’re a proud entrepreneur. You’re making a positive impact in the world. But how about the impact in your own business. There are a few things to consider before thinking about being […]

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  • Hurricane Season – Stay safe

    Hi pals – we’re so sad to see that our beloved country is being hit by another hurricane – causing destruction and sadness. With technology, we’re able to learn more about the force of nature and be prepared. Lots of our besties are in the sunshine state – you have our prayers and positive thoughts. […]

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  • Firework season – Safety tips

    I’m here to let you, humans, know that unexpected sounds scare us – felines and canines. Independence Day is famous for its firework show – it might look beautiful in the sky but do not forget about us, your masters – or as you call us “pets”. There are so many sad histories about cats […]

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