Bookkeeping Basics

  • Cashflow Map

    When cash is queen, how to map it out? In the accounting world, we refer a lot to “cashflow forecast”, which pretty much means to figure our the cash the company will have at the end of a period. Personally, I feel “forecast” sounds too woo-woo. It’s like predicting something. Sounds unrealistic. That’s why I […]

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  • DIY Bookkeeping Checklist

    How to organize and systemize your business finances. A lot of business owners and side-hustlers are DIY their books – and IMHO it’s all good, as long as you’re not letting this slip through the cracks. You went ahead and started your accounting system subscription. Got your Freshbooks or Wave for free or, went all […]

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  • 6 tips for a smooth tax season

    Small Business Tax Preparation

    6 tips for a smooth tax season With a sigh of relief, we all know tax season is over. But have you ever considering planning throughout the year so tax season is nothing but smooth? I know, it sounds crazy and, maybe, a little bit over the top. But as an entrepreneur, small changes can […]

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  • What is bookkeeping?

    What is Bookkeeping?

    As a business owner, we always hear about “keeping our books” – but what does that mean? Why would one need a bookkeeper? What does a bookkeeper do? Accordingly to, Bookkeeping [boo k-kee-ping] means “the work or skill of keeping account books or systematic records of money transactions (distinguished from accounting).” But what does […]

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