Hello friends!

As some of you know, our newest family member,  JR, joined our family at the tender age of 15 years old. It’s been a blessing having him in our family, he’s a sweet sweet boy. However, with adopting an older cat, came a lot of new things we had to learn and adapt – from step stool for him to reach higher places to health concerns.

A month or so ago, we noticed JR acting a little bit off at nighttime, he was turning in circles non-stop and it seemed like he couldn’t find a comfortable position. He ended up sleeping in our walk-in closet – which he had never done it before. The next morning, he was very lethargic, refusing to eat even his favorite food and really didn’t get out of the closet (he was near a litter box and a water bowl). We noticed that he was walking in circles, with his head tilted and his eyes were kind of darting everywhere.

We decided to monitor him for another day and if no improvements are shown, we’d take him to the vet. As anyone does in the modern age, we googled his symptoms and it was terrifying – considering JR is old and has liver issues, that could mean that his body was shutting down.

In the next day, he ate a couple of bites of his favorite food (Applaws Tuna, which we only give him as a treat as there are no real nutrients to it); Arnie and Tiger left him alone. But JR was still not himself. Dan called the vet, they’re booked for the whole week. We called the vet again and, luckily, the main vet and owner of the practice picked up the phone. Once we told the doctor what were his symptoms, she told us not to worry as it’s probably just Feline Vestibular Disease, which is very common in senior pets. We had no idea what that meant – is it treatable? is it an issue he’ll have forever? will he get back to normal?

Doctor O was kind enough to explain that FVD is Cat Vertigo – no one knows why it appears and it’ll go away the same way it comes. The only thing we had to watch is if he’s eating a little, drinking some water and using the litter. If not for one or all of those, we should take him to the emergency pet hospital and ask for nausea medicine.

This is JR not feeling his best

JR is a tough cookie, on the third day, he was his old self – playing, begging for food, chasing Arnie around and, best of all, cuddling with us!


Cuddly JR

Feline Vestibular Disease symptoms:

  • Difficulty walking
  • Abnormal movement of the eyes
  • Tilted head
  • Mewing
  • Leaning to one side
  • Seizure-like episodes
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Walking in circles

We’re so scared when we saw him with the symptoms that we figured we should share – if any of you, friends, feel this way, do not despair – it might be cat vertigo. Below a few resources on FVD:

But remember, always call your vet when anything is off with your fur baby. We always want to be on the safer side of their health.

Lots of Love,