I know we’re not all number people – and it’s a-okay!

But, we do need to understand and have a good grip of them to be able to run a profitable business. Know when to expend or when to save. Know how much to pay yourself. Know when to outsource. Learn the meaning behind those numbers.

We’re here to help you with that!

Having worked with numbers for 5+ years and having over 10 years of business management experience, I can see the meaning behind the numbers and explain to people them in a simple way.

At My Cats and Me we believe every business is unique – like our beloved fur-babies. We’ll work with your needs, priorities, and budget.

Process to working with us:

  1. Submission of inquiry and schedule phone call: This will allow us to diagnose the state of your business finance and work with you on a strategy to ensure your financial success
  2. On-Going Services: Monthly bookkeeping services with basic bookkeeping plus budget projection, cashflows forecast, etc.
  3. End of Each Month: We’ll share with you your Financial Statements to show you where your business is and give you that peace of mind when it comes to your numbers. This is the time we’ll use to strategize for the future and answer any questions you might have.

We’re so looking forward to heating from you and be a part of your journey

Lots of love,


F.A.Q. – Frequent Asked Questions

  • Which accounting software should we use?
    • We recommend Quickbooks Online, as it’s user-friendly, easy remote access and set up. We offer Quickbooks Online subscription with all our packages.
  • Do you file our taxes?
    • My Cats and Me, LLC is not a CPA – therefore we do not lodge your year-end taxes. However, we do strategize for maximum tax deductions and make sure all the information is easy-peasy for your accountant.
  • Can you help us with estimated tax and Use and Sale Tax?
    • Absolutely! We’re here to make sure you’re in compliance and that everything is looking purrfect on that end.
  • Will My Cats and Me help us with payroll?
    • Yes ma’am! For an additional cost, we can set up, process and manage your payroll.
  • How about 1099’s and W2’s? Will My Cats and Me take care of that as well?
    • Yes – if this is a must for you, we can make sure we have it all filed electronically (who needs more paper anyways?)
  • What is your billing structure?
    • Once we start our partnership, we’ll bill you monthly for a package. (Bookkeepers fees can range from $30-$90/hour – we don’t want you to have any unpleasant surprise comes month end). And if you needs change, we can always upgrade or downgrade your package.
  • Do I need to commit for a year or can I hire you month-by-month?
    • While we do give our clients a discount for an annual commitment, we understand if you’re not ready to pull that trigger. We offer month-by-month contracts. We just ask a 30-days notice to end our partnership