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Firework season – Safety tips

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I’m here to let you, humans, know that unexpected sounds scare us – felines and canines. Independence Day is famous for its firework show – it might look beautiful in the sky but do not forget about us, your masters – or as you call us “pets”. There are so many sad histories about cats […]


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Hi, friends! It’s me again, Tiger! I bet you missed me! I’ve been busy being, well, awesome. A life of a house cat is a life many envies. And I can understand why. Our life is pretty much perfect: We do things at our own time We love routine We take time to care for […]

How smart are cats?

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So… some people question the intelligence of a cat. My response to those inquiries is OBVIOUSLY WE’RE SMART! There are multiple blogs talking about how our little smart brain works (here, here and here are a few examples). But, dear reader, I’m here to talk not from human perspective nor comparing our superior intelligence to […]

A right or a privilege?

We’ll try not to get political here – but all the conversation over health care in the US of A is a very important conversation. Let’s remember, I’m a cat, an immigrant cat as I came here from Brazil (do not fear my friend, we got all the paperwork we need – lady staff with […]

Arnie’s accident

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Hi friends, today I’m going to tell Arnie’s accident. It was a couple of months since he went to our household. The staff was thrilled with him, he’s a cuddle bug and purring machine – the opposite of me (for those who don’t know… I’m a diva 😎) I was not too happy with him around […]

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