Arnie Meows! We have a shop!

Hi all! I'm so excited to share this meows with you all! We're just launching our STORE!!! We'll be selling meowmy's beautiful rendition of us as cartoons, her calligraphy (coming soon) and personalized commissioned work, for those who want it (e-mail meowmy at 10% of our profit on sales will be donated to a … Continue reading Arnie Meows! We have a shop!

The tale of a new brofur

  Hello Friends!! We know it's been a while... staff is studying for a certification that she does not think she'll pass on the first run - but she's doing her due diligence by studying a lot! So... apologies in advance as this will be a LONG POST!! I'm here to tell a tale - … Continue reading The tale of a new brofur

Hurricane Season – Stay safe

Hi pals - we're so sad to see that our beloved country is being hit by another hurricane - causing destruction and sadness. With technology, we're able to learn more about the force of nature and be prepared. Lots of our besties are in the sunshine state - you have our prayers and positive thoughts. … Continue reading Hurricane Season – Stay safe

How smart are cats?

So... some people question the intelligence of a cat. My response to those inquiries is OBVIOUSLY WE'RE SMART! There are multiple blogs talking about how our little smart brain works (here, here and here are a few examples). But, dear reader, I'm here to talk not from human perspective nor comparing our superior intelligence to … Continue reading How smart are cats?

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