My Cats and Me was founded out of a deep need for change.

After a stress related breakdown, I started to think about key changes that I need to make in my life and look for meaning. I redefined what success means to me. I started designing the life I wanted to live instead of the life people tell me to live.

Part of my healing process came from my cats – Tiger, Arnie and JR. Cats are amazing and smart creatures. They always follow their cycles. They know when to “work” and when to rest. Resting is recharging. They have an amazing intuition. They know when to show love – in their own ways. And they know when to give us space. That’s why we’re called My Cats And Me – without them, this business would not exist.

Our first venue of work is the Classy Cat Lady shop – where we have several items and my beloved custom art work. We love to create modern and timeless heirlooms to celebrate our family. We celebrate weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and memories.

Why Classy Cat Lady you might ask. Well, I believe that cat lovers must have class and a bit of sass in them. Class in understanding that love is not needed. Love is kind and patient. Sass in knowing that we do not need to change to please others.

Once we dipped our feet into this new area of creatives, I noticed that most of them are afraid of the business part. They claim not to be “numbers people”. They claim that focusing on everything else will not bring the money home. And I agree. But I also know that without a business plan, a finance plan and everything else that comes from growing a business, your business will not grow. It won’t. And you need to pay yourself a salary. You need to define what success is to you. I also don’t want to see your beautiful brain worry about things that we can outsource and limiting your genius work. I don’t want to see you spending hours and hours doing something that someone can do in half of that time.

That’s when we created the Business Consulting portion of My Cats and Me. As certified bookkeeper, I can help you ensure your numbers are good. And that you’re making the most of tax deductions. As a *soon to be* Financial Coach, I can help you improve your relationship with money – working along side you. With my years of experience in diverse industries, we can make sure your people is happy, your processes and procedures in place and your operations running smoothly.

We are committed to giving back, as much as we can. Every quarter, up to 50% of our profits will be donated to a rescue group, animal shelter or mental health organization.

We can’t wait to hear your story and serve you – with a beautiful heirloom or helping your business flourish.

Thank you for taking your time to read our story and support our business.

Lots of love,

Gigi and the boys.