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Meet the Cats!

My Cats And Me was, obviously, inspired by my lovely cats – Tiger, Arnie and JR.

They have important roles within My Cats And Me, after all, cats do have staff! – keep on scrolling to meet the cats!


Arnie - Chief Mischief Officer

Arnie is a white cat who loves to sort the mail

I’m Arnie, My Cats and Me CMO – that stands for Chief Mischief Officer.

I’m a real Meow Yorker – anytime life throws you a curve ball, you just make the best of it, and come up stronger.

My past is a little unknown, but we do know that I used about 3 of my 9 lives!

I make sure mom the staff,  takes breaks to clear her mind.

My favorite things in life are:

  • ✔️ Eating
  • ✔️ Play rough
  • ✔️ Treats
  • ✔️ Hunting
  • ✔️ Sorting the mail
  • ✔️ Turning pages
  • ✔️ Nibble humans
  • ✔️ Get in my brothers’ face
  • ✔️ “Talking”

Tiger - Chief Fluffy Officer

Tiger is from Brazil and makes the best bread

Hello everyone! I’m Tiger and I’m the CFO – Chief Fluffy Officer. I’m just cute and adorable.

I’m a bossa-nova cat – I’m chill and, most of the time, I’ll just mind my own business. I’m also a diva cat – I like to be around humans and to be looked at – but please don’t touch me.

I supurrrvise all the work, make sure that there’s no duplicates and no information missing. 

6 fun facts about me:

  • ✔️ I’m originally from Brazil
  • ✔️ I’m a good traveler
  • ✔️ I’m a grey cat but people sometimes say I’m blue
  • ✔️ I’m the BEST bread maker 
  • ✔️ I love playing with catnip, balls and silvervine sticks
  • ✔️ I sneak cuddle when no one is watching

J.R. - Chief Cuddle Officer

JR loves to cuddle and thinks baby food is the best

It’s me, JR! The CCO – Chief Cuddle Officer

Hello everyone, I joined the Bier family in 2018, at the tender age of 16.

My past is a little unknown, but we know I was loved. I’m so grateful for having a good family to spend my retirement.

I make sure everyone feels loved all the time, by cuddling at all times, announcing my next move and just being plain cute. If you’re on a call and you hear meows – that’s me saying hello!

What you should know about me:

  • ✔️ I LOVE tuna
  • ✔️ I cuddle with mom when she’s reading at night
  • ✔️ I’m a daddy’s boy
  • ✔️ Despite my age, I’m still playful
  • ✔️ Catnip toys are my all time favorite
  • ✔️ Why there’s no cat food flavored ham???
  • ✔️ I’ll eat baby food as a treat
My Cats and Me Mission:

My Cats And Me, LLC is a Colorado Native Company. While my English is far from perfect (English is my second language), I know numbers like the back of my hands.
Our mission is to take charge of your finances – from bookkeeping to financial education – so you can focus on what matters the most in your business and life.