We’ll try not to get political here – but all the conversation over health care in the US of A is a very important conversation.

Let’s remember, I’m a cat, an immigrant cat as I came here from Brazil (do not fear my friend, we got all the paperwork we need – lady staff with her fiancee visa and me with the agriculture (??) paperwork) – so little I know about political parties and anything related in this country.

What I do know is what I believe – and what I believe is that no one can live a fulfilled and stress-free life if they’re worried about bills – especially health bills – meaning they might not seek preventive care as they cannot afford. It’s a sad thought. It’s also sad to think someone with a disease – like diabetes or depression – might not be able to afford their care because of “pre-existing” conditions. I cannot imagine a world where my beloved staff might not be able to get the care they need. Where if they get sick, they’ll remain sick, because of the cost of healthcare.

How can people move on from adversities if they do not have access to health care or education? We believe in a system where everyone can have access to preventive care, emergency care, and education. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!


XOXO – Tiger